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Challenge 108x Mandala

Care for you at this actual time.

Join at the Solstice, for example…

I love a meditation called “Mandala” by Master Osho. It is a deep, valuable and very fulfilling practice for the current time. I have 16 years of experience with it and I wish all people so they can fully experience its effectiveness.

This meditation helps to develop ability of resilience, increase potential of our perception, connects with body, heals eyes, opens hearing and connects with the COSMIC BREATH.

This is because its 3rd phase heals deeply buried traumas without need to dig in them, without need to stir emotions and the mind.

It does not replace a medical care and it is not recommended to people with lower mental stability.

This meditation is beautifully described by my teacher, Friend Bhagat, on his Shangri La Center website (here) and this is where I first tasted this meditation 16 years ago. And I won’t let anybody touch it since then.

And it was there where during the RESILIENCE training this inspiration to challenge 108x Mandala came to me and Sandra Z., it was on June 17, 2020. And because we have already gone through such a journey with Friends “breathing together” in 2017 as a part of the Teaching of the Emptiness, we have experienced its effectiveness, we can from all our Heart, from the whole WARM HEART, fully recommend.
And thereby also to offer to join our challenge, to practice this meditation for 108 days.
Why 108? Because 108 is the number of important meridians in our body and because the number 108 brings Happiness.

Join us, you can start whenever you want. Share your days with us. 🙂

And you can add:
Phase 5: chanting the Mantra of Radiant Humanity


Indulge yourself this wonderful deep adventure.

If you are on Facebook, we can support each other and take care of each other here on the page Dýcháme Spolu,
and who you are not, you can share in Feedback here.

May we breathe even more freely in the Breath of Moisture.

Sofie Sarras

Here are some heratfelt words from 22.6.2020 for you about “Challenge 108x Mandala”.

Not only a brief method… but also a VISION connected with it.

In gratitude Sofia

(This video has an English subtitles)


Volíme odpovědnou nedokonalost!

Přáli jsme si vytvořit společné video,
avšak výsledek se projevil takto: Videa jsou dvě. Užijte si to, jak chcete. 🙂
Tím pro nás vznikla dvojnásobná oslava pro každý den
a dýcháme v tom Kosmickým Vlahým Dechem Spoluuuu… 🥳




Friend Darja

Friends Ida Sára, Jarmila a Růžena

Darja: And this is how it was in 2017…

Dedicated to the Health, Freedom, Enlightenment and Realization of all Beings.